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Thursday, July 31, 2014


bandeau: DIY | option
top: c/o chicwish | similar 1, 2
shorts: exact (but different wash)
booties: c/o chicwish | so similar
necklace: AE | option 1, 2
purse: target | option
watch: exact


This kind of outfit is quickly becoming my standard summer uniform: sheer neutral top, shorts, booties - what's not to love?  I had plans to meet friends at a beer garden this weekend* and surprise, surprise, settled on a slightly varied version of this outfit I just wore.  Please, try not to be blown away by my boundless creativity.  Except this time, I put the sweater on and realized it is waaaay too see-through.  So I grabbed this bandeau that I DIY'ed (and by DIY I mean I cut the top off a pair of old leggings and sewed one side so it was tight enough to stay on) to cover up a bit.  I looked in the mirror and thought censor bar - you know the kind that appears over, well, things just of this nature. How literally apropos.  I'm pretty sure the generously inebriated patrons of the bar got what I was going for there.

*We went to Studio Square Beer Garden in Long Island City, NY - if you're ever in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by - it's one of the best beer gardens I've visited.  Also worth mentioning is that later on we wound up at a club called Output in Brooklyn, which is another fine establishment with face-melting beats and a nice rooftop lounge, worthy of a visit anytime you feel like dancing your ass off till 6am.

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  1. Cute outfit and creative bandeau :)


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