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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ha, Ha.....ha

{jacket: h&m  //  top, scarf: old navy  //  shorts  //  boots  //  sunnies: harmon}

I could hardly stop laughing during this photo shoot.  I don't remember exactly why, but I know my boyfriend was to blame.
I'm pretty sure he was taking advantage of my reaction to the camera's sounds.  A while back he realized that if he pushes the button halfway down, the camera makes a little beep which signals that a photo is about to be taken, and no matter what I'm doing (scratching an itch, rubbing my face, directing traffic, delivering a baby*) as soon as I hear that beep I strike a pose.
So he waits until I'm doing something, then makes the camera beep, sees me fly into position....then just starts laughing.  Doesn't even take the picture.
I guess a style blogger's boyfriend has to entertain himself somehow...

*I may be exaggerating a tad.  Let's hope I never have to deliver a baby to find out.

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