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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Weekend in Review

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Hi all!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend filled with lots of whatever it is that you love best.
My weekend was so fun that I found myself wishing I had an iPhone so I could be like all you cool kids who post instagram collages to portray little snippets of your life.  But seeing as how I'm still rocking my relic of a non-smart phone (circa 2005), I have no choice but to go old-school and portray my weekend with word blurbs instead.

  • Going to a biker bar on a whim and getting along with everyone so well that we wound up staying for 5 hours.  Homemade cookies were included.  Apparently biker chicks are as bad ass in the kitchen as they are on the road.
  • Having a lovely rooftop BBQ with our friends.  Grilled eggplant, veggie dogs, champagne, and great conversation were on the menu.  Oh, and making my French friends laugh with my attempts to speak their language.  There's nothing like trying to figure out how to say "cow bell" in another language to ensure raucous laughter.
  • Spending an afternoon at this park in NYC with my hunny bunny, followed by lunch at a diner and a pretty subway ride back.  Yes, that last part sounded like an oxymoron since the subway is mostly underground.  But the 7 train isn't.  And it's a beautiful ride.
  • Brunch at a cafe that included iced coffee & chocolate croissants.  Our friends are such regulars that the owner let us in even though it was closed to the public.  VIP in the house.

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