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Monday, May 21, 2012

Comfort Defined

{top: joyce leslie  //  target jeans  //  target shoes (similar)  //  target scarf (similar)  //  watch: swatch  //  earrings: claire's}

This is what I wore to my friend's going away party at a bar last week.  I knew I wanted to look like I made an effort, but I also knew that I'd be standing a lot, and quite possibly stuffing my face.  That ruled out high heels and pretty much any item of clothing that skimmed too close to my body.
So I settled on this extraordinarily comfortable & flowy sweater top, stylishly baggy boyfriend jeans, and what my hunny bunny lovingly refers to as my grandma shoes (totally comfy and totally sensible).
When I got compliments on how nice I looked, my feet weren't tired after standing all night, and my clothes didn't even feel snug after dinner, I knew I had hit the coveted clothing trifecta.

Hells. Yeah.

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