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Friday, May 25, 2012

Highlights & Lowlights #8

{chambray: old navy (almost identical)  //  v neck  //  shorts  //  sandals: pacsun (similar)  //  watch

  • Making myself a cup of decaf at 8:30pm, then realizing that wasn't actually decaf at all, but a fully caffeinated mug of coffee I just drank.  Falling asleep was no easy task, let me tell you.  The saddest part is that this is not the first time I've given myself accidental insomnia by way of cafe au lait.
  • That awkward moment after I checked out at the one and only register in a store I'd never been to, then turned around to realize that there were about 6 registers behind me and I had used the customer service line.  No wonder the cashier asked me if I was returning...So glad I didn't blurt out the stupid comment that was on the tip of my tongue, "Why; do you get a lot of returns here?"  I'm sure the response would have included a quizzical look from the cashier, most likely followed by a very slow and deliberate, "Yeeees."
  • Going for a run during a downpour.  In the woods.  Right after showering.

  • Having brinner (breakfast for dinner) last night.  This is usually our fallback plan when I don't have time to (or don't feel like) cooking.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, oh, it's delicious.
  • Holiday weekend!  Hunny bunny's & mine will be occupied with meeting friends at an outdoor beer garden, seeing a Mets game, and maybe even a rooftop bbq.  Oh, and lots of chillaxing, which - let's face it - is simply the best kind of relaxing there is.
  • Planning our vacation to St. Thomas.  Just reading Fodor's Caribbean guide and thinking about snorkeling in clear waters, lounging on the beach, and eating tons of local fruit already has me in an island state of mind.  I can almost feel the sunburn I'm bound to get on the first day...

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