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Monday, April 15, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway

Hey all.  A few days ago Firmoo contacted me to collaborate with them because they're giving out free glasses and would like me to help spread the word. Of course I said yes, because, duh, free glasses!  Whether you actually need them to see (my entire family) or just like the smartypants look you get with non-Rx lenses (somehow, miraculously me), winning a pair for free is pretty awesome.

Besides, ophthalmologists recommend replacing your glasses frequently because wearing the wrong prescription can deteriorate your vision.  That is a big no bueno. So hop on over to Firmoo and get your free glasses now!

      The Fine Print:
1.     Giveaway will start on Apr.16th, and the free eyewear code will be shown on that page right after the giveaway starts. Firmoo gives away certain amount of eyewear each day, so first come, first served.
2.     Furthermore, Firmoo will draw one lucky person per day from those who have shared this page via FB & twitter to win free eyewear.

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