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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Birthday Freebies (and how you can get them, too)

(add a handful more candles to this cupcake and we're getting close to how many I'd really need)

My birthday is right around the corner, on Tuesday (aka the day after tax day; aka the day most Americans either dread (they didn't file on time and are now late and/or owe a bunch of money to the IRS) or breathe a sigh of relief on (they just finished their taxes and sent them on time and/or are getting a nice refund).  Either way, my sister and brother lucked out a little better in the birthday department (they got day before Valentine's and day after Halloween, respectively). 

But anyway.

Around this time each year, my inbox starts filling with all kinds of fun birthday freebies from various companies.  Just google "birthday freebies" and you'll find enough coupons and giveaways to enjoy a free appetizer, entree, ice cream cone, or cup of coffee every day for about a month.  But I've whittled down the list to my top 5 favorites.  These are the ones that I look forward to cashing in on every April.
  1. Sephora birthday gift: There's something different every year but it almost always includes something awesome.  This year it's samples of Benefit They're Real! mascara & Watt's Up highlighter (two things I've been dying to try from one of my favorite cruelty-free companies).
  2. Moe's free entree: Moe's is my new favorite fast food place.  EVER.  It's Mexican.  It's vegetarian friendly.  It's delicious.  We go way too much; the guys that work there now recognize us.  It's slightly embarrassing at this point.
  3. Chevy's free entree: I have a thing for Mexican.  What can I say; it's the perfect cuisine for a cheese-loving vegetarian.
  4. Anthropologie 15% off coupon: Admittedly this one isn't really a freebie, but it does give me an excuse to scour the sale racks at Anthro and get a couple extra bucks off when I choose something I absolutely don't need.
  5. Dunkin Donuts free coffee: Need I say more?

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