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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gidget About Town

{target sweatshirt & jeans | ON chambray | skechers shoes | sprout watch}

There's someone I want you to meet.  Her name is Gidget.  She's my new bike and I love her.  Last year we took a vacation to Hilton Head, and rented beach cruisers there.  We rode those things everywhere that week, and I became slightly obsessed with the easy, laid back style of this kind of bicycle.  A nice, wide seat to coddle my butt?  No gears to change?  A veritable trunk?  Yes, please.

I took Gidget out for her inaugural spin on Sunday, and since the plan was a 10 mile route, I knew I needed something simple and easy to bike in.  The weather was mild, but there was still a slight chill to the air.  This easy, warmish outfit fit the bill.  I thought I looked decent, but apparently I pale in comparison to Gidget.  She got complimented by a stranger that day.  My outfit, on the other hand, went completely unnoticed.

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