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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mon Petit Chapeau

{gap tee | f21 shorts | ON hat (similar) | payless shoes (similar) | kohls, groopdealz bracelets | fossil watch | havok necklace (giveaway win)}

I just need to take a moment to rejoice over this hat.  Yes, this one, single, on-clearance, unwanted, little $10 hat.  And it's because it really, truly fits!  Being the owner of one of the smallest heads of just about anyone I've ever met, it's a pretty big deal to find a flattering hat that's not indigenous to the kids' section of Target or Gap (ditto for sunglasses, but that's a post for another day).  Right now I'm going to go put on my fancy new chapeau and do a little happy dance to celebrate my foray into adult-intended headwear.

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  1. Cute hat! I'm still searching for an all black one similar to yours.

    Who is that girl Mo?


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