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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Intro to #Izola

Imagine stepping into an old-fashioned, ultra cool clubhouse with an antique edge.  Or a hipster boyscout den with a vintage twist.  You'd come in, get comfy, and would most certainly be offered a cocktail.  And when your Old Fashioned arrived (naturally), the bourbon would have been poured out of a classic style flask, emblazoned with a tongue-in-cheek inscription along the lines of Neat, To My Health, or Good Intentions.

The entire club would be outfitted in much the same style.  Meander through the rooms and you'd find an array of home textiles, throw pillows, soaps, candles,  bamboo toothbrushes, luggage, hardware, duffel bags, shoe brushes, and ceramics, all in a style of understated sophistication.  It's the kind of cool that speaks volumes without saying anything at all.  

That is exactly the kind of vibe you'll find when shopping at Izola.  It's as if the Izola team plucked the coolest items out of the 1940s and transplanted them directly into one impeccably curated collection.  In fact, Izola is inspired by the old world utilitarian ideal of making something that is built to last.  So it's no surprise that, much like its sturdy predecessors of times gone past, these are high quality items made with great care and attention to detail, and are just undeniably hip.  Basically if Moonrise Kingdom had a shop, it'd be Izola.

Even though the collection at Izola is geared mostly toward men, I had no trouble finding about 184 things that I would totally snag for myself.  But I managed to whittle down the list to include my ten favorites, including items like a typewriter screen printed laptop case, red cedar and balsam fir incense (two of my favorite scents in the world), an apothecary case (it's hard for me to resist anything with a white cross on it - my boyfriend is Swiss, after all), and a laundry bag that almost guarantees to make doing laundry just a little more enjoyable.

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So whether you browse Izola's (ultra cool) wedding collection when registering for your wedding or to choose the perfect bridal party gifts, or are just shopping Izola's series of functional every day staples to find something unique for the special guy (or dad) in your life, there is really something for everyone at Izola.

What do you think about Izola's collection of items?  Do you dig this ruggedly cool, hip sort of style as much as I do? 

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