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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Win Your Way to #BloggingCon {Giveaway}

Sometimes we need to nourish our blogging/writing/careers, and this giveaway will help you do just that.  Thanks to Blogging Concentrated and FemaleBloggerRT, myself and 5 other bloggers (whom you should totally check out) are giving you about a bazillion chances (or 77) to win 1 of 5 tickets to a BloggingCon event in the city of your choosing.  That means there will be 5 winners total.  Yay for spreading the love!

What's BloggingCon you ask?
Good question.
The mission of Blogging Concentrated is to equip professional bloggers and business owners with the necessary tools to be relevant and successful in the digital market.

Click here to see the list of cities they're currently in.  If you don't see yours, no worries. New cities are being added all the time.  Not listed, but in the works are Houston, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Charleston, Indianapolis, and Toronto . . . The winners will be able to use their ticket now or wait for an upcoming event.  The giveaway will close June 3, winners announced June 4!

See what people are saying about Blogging Concentrated:

And that's it!  Enter.  Be awesome.  And check back on June 4 to see if you've won!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing giveaway opportunity!!
    So sweet of you all.
    I'd love to have this experience.



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