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Friday, May 2, 2014

UniWigs Extension Review & Tutorial

A little while ago I received the pretty, brown/pink ombré clip-in extension above to try, courtesy of UniWigs.  I've never worn extensions before, so I was a little lost as to how to go about putting it in my hair (spoiler alert: it is ridiculously easy).   Luckily I was able to take it with me when I visited my sister, who's an amazing hair stylist.  (Really, the girl's got talent).  She walked me through it and even showed me a helpful little trick for all of us fine-haired ladies (see step 2).  Sadly the extension was a tad too big for my abnormally tiny head, so I enlisted the help of my lovely friend and proud owner of a normal sized head, Amy, for this tutorial.  (Thanks, Amy!  You're a peach!)

My impressions of the extensions:  Besides the beautiful color, they're really soft and smooth, they look realistic, and appear to be very well constructed.  They come with these little snapping clips sewn into the extension (you'll see them below), that literally make applying the extensions a snap!

Let's get started.  All you need is a comb and your extension.  Here we go.

Step 1. Since the extension is just one long piece, you're going to want to part your hair horizontally wherever you'd like to apply the it.  Clip it up and out of the way (or if you forgot to grab a clip, just ask your friend to awkwardly hold her hair out of the way for you).
Step 2 (optional). If you have fine hair, gently tease it right near the part to give the extensions a little more to hold onto.
Step 3. Open all of the clips along the extension.
Step 4.  Beginning on one end of your head, slip the clips one by one into the teased hair, and snap them closed.  Move horizontally across your head, inserting clips and snapping them closed as you go.  
Done! ....almost.....

As you can see, the extension didn't quite blend in with Amy's hair, so I decided to make a side fishtail braid to mask the transition between the real hair and the and faux.  

In retrospect I should have taken my tiny head into consideration when choosing this one-piece extension, or at the very least checked the measurements.  UniWigs also offers extensions that come as several smaller pieces, which I think would have worked better for me.  I love that this extension is so easy to apply, and I also love that it can be worked into so many different hair dos (like maybe a top knot or a funky braided side bun).  My verdict: I'd recommend it.  Just make sure to check the measurements first, and keep in mind that if your hair isn't the right color or length, the extension may not blend in when you wear your hair down.

Disclaimer: I received extensions from UniWigs in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Looks fun and interesting, I have never worn hair extensions. Rachel


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