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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Scarf Story {+ Kushyfoot review}

tee: ON
jeans: exact
Chucks: exact
scarf: gift (Thanks, Mom!) | option 1, 2
necklace: born pretty (use code KNT10 for 10% off)
purse: francesca's | similar
watch: exact


There is an interesting story behind this scarf.  About seven years ago my mom came to visit and she wore this exact scarf.  It looked amazing on her, so naturally, I coveted it instantly.  After finding out where she bought it, I ran to the store only to find that it was no longer available.  Ever since, I've jokingly (aka not jokingly) always told her that if she ever gets tired of it to send it my way, and every so often I pester her to find out if that day has come.  Recently I went to visit her, and while there we sorted through all her clothing to determine what should stay and what should be donated.  As mothers and their fashion blogger daughters do.  As if to taunt me, we came across the scarf.  Again I asked if she was ready to relinquish it to me, and again, I was denied.  And then just about a week after returning home, I received a little birthday gift in the mail from my mom containing the most beautiful, most lengthily anticipated, most patiently awaited, and certainly the most special and appreciated scarf I have ever known.  The little sneak had been planning it all along and decided to surprise me by sending it rather than give it to me right then and there.  And I love her all the more for it!

...And now for an awkward change of subject, let's talk about feet, shall we?  Specifically, Kushyfoot socks.  I got a chance to try out all of the cute little foot coverings you see below.
^^ massaging anklet socks, low cut & ultra low cut with padding, & sport socks

                             ^^ sports socks                              ^^ low cut          
                             ^^ ultra low cut                            ^^ padding on the bottom
                    ^^ sheer anklet socks               ^^ massaging squiggles on the bottom

With warm weather approaching, I can no longer rely on long pants or tall boots to cover up my super comfy, so very flattering tube socks.  In the warmer months, I love to wear low top shoes like Toms, Chucks, Keds, & Sperrys (sounds like a group of golfers at a country club), but hate when my socks show.  What I hate even more is when my low cut socks slip off my feet.  I've tested these puppies out several times now, and can say with 100% certainty that these socks really stay put.  Even the ultra low cut ones.  In fact, they stay put so well that they tend to get a little tight and dig into my ankles & toes if I wear them for more than a few hours.  But that just may be due to the fact that I have larger than your average short girl's feet.  If you look closely in the photos above, you can see the pink athletic socks peeking out of my sneakers.  They stayed just like that all day, and I never once had to readjust.  I'd definitely recommend them to protect your feet while wearing low tops, flats, and even heels (where the padding will really come in handy).  Viva los summer shoes!

Disclosure: I received these samples in exchange for a review but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions are 100%  my own cos that's just how I roll.

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  1. You look so proud and lovely in that scarf Kym. It's pretty to. My mom has some thrifted vintage Chanel heels I would love to have, she only wore them once or twice. But they are a bit small for me however :(

  2. That is sooo sweet about the scarf! And agree that it is a relative to my dress today! I love it!
    And good to know about the socks. I just ordered a pair of no show socks from Nordies and need to try them out. Glad to know this is a good option too! Http://


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