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Monday, May 19, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Festival Season

This post brought to you by Teva. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year again, guys - the days are a little longer, the sun shines a little brighter, and you just want to dance in a field all day to live music.  It's festival season!

Electric Zoo Festival 2010
Sometimes the festival gods conspire with the sun and the universe to shine down on a simple confectionery to make one of the most beautiful, magical photos ever to be taken at a festival.  Major props to my friend, Elisabeth, who captured this beautiful moment.

Festivals can be a fun, wonderful, otherworldly experience - and they should be - but there are certainly things you can do to make your festival an outstanding one.  Here are my Top Five Festival Tips:
  1. Wear comfortable shoes!  I can't stress this enough.  Sure, those wedge sandals look really cute with your maxi skirt and crop top, but after walking and dancing for a few hours, you're going to ditch them.  And then you'll be stuck carrying them around the rest of the day.  Not to mention that you'll probably get stepped on, or worse, step on something sharp.  Teva (the official footwear of Bonnaroo) makes some super comfy shoes that you can find at Zappos.  Personally, I'd choose a pair with a closed toe for protection, but it really depends on if you're going to get up into the dancing pit or hang back and chill the whole time.
  2. Bring a backpack.  You're going to want use of your hands ~ while dancing, while snacking, while applying sunscreen, or while holding a beer.  A small, lightweight backpack will keep your arms free for whatever you decide to do with those most useful of appendages.  
  3. Prepare for when it inevitably cools down in the evening.  You're going to be there all day, even after the sun sets.  And some festivals don't allow you to leave and re-enter.  A simple beanie will fit easily in your backpack, and you can tie a sweater or flannel around your waist.
  4. For the love of God, wear sunscreen.  And reapply it often.  You'll sweat.  You'll go in a misting tent.  The sunscreen will come off.  Put it back on.
  5. Visit The Fountain for more tips on getting #ready2roo, where festivalgoers are sharing their tips & tricks for making your time at a festival a truly positive and extraordinary experience.

Have you been to a festival?  What are some of your tips and tricks for making it the most amazing experience ever?  

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