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Monday, January 2, 2012

Comfort & Joy

{jacket: target  //  boots, tee: old navy  //  scarf: gift  //  jeans: gap  //  earrings: handmade}

As often as I complain about doing it, and as reluctant as I am to ever take the initiative to begin it, I still consider myself a runner (if your marathon-running boyfriend forcing you to accompany him on jogs qualifies you as a runner, that is).
But with the holidays and our vacation to Las Vegas, we were slacking on the workouts a bit.
It had been two weeks since our last run, and after running a paltry 5 miles (I say this sarcastically and with a twinge of pride because even on a bad, energy-less day my body can still miraculously run 5 miles), my feet were hurting and my body was beginning to get sore.
But it was a beautiful, semi-warm day out and we had errands to run.  I wanted nothing more than to traipse around town in yoga pants and fluffy slippers, but seeing as how I have a style blogger reputation to uphold in my town (not that anyone knows about my blog....but still...) I thought this might be more appropriate and just about as comfortable.
A t-shirt, jeans, and boots.  Who knew it could bring so much comfort and joy?

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