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Friday, January 6, 2012

This is What it Looks Like...

{sweater: alloy  //  jeans: old navy  //  necklace: gift}

This is what it looks like when you've just come back from practically running to the library to make it before they closed.
A little wind-swept, a little flushed, and a little disappointed.
There was short-lived excitement when the system told you that the final Harry Potter movie you've been waiting for months to borrow finally came for you, but once you got there, it became clear there was a glitch in the matrix and you, in fact, will not be watching the film tonight because it didn't actually arrive after all.
 Plus, you just finished the {completely wonderful and engaging} novel you were reading, and now all you have left to read are self-improvement books written by Clinton Kelly.
Also, you're eating a slice of fruitcake because someone actually gave you a fruitcake for Christmas and you're too lazy to cook dinner.
Happy Friday, indeed.

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