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Monday, January 23, 2012


{sweater: gap  //  button up: delias  //  jeans: limited  //  belt: h&m  //  scarf (pinned as infinity): old navy  //  boots: payless  //  watch: sprout, via pure citizen}

We got a little bit of snow over the weekend.  It blanketed everything in shimmering white flakes and made it peaceful, quiet, and.....cold.  So very cold.
Hunny bunny & I went for a walk, so I knew I needed to layer up a bit to keep warm.
And since it was predominantly grey/white outside, I thought I'd throw some punchy pops of color into my outfit to brighten things up.
It put me in a happy mood, but it was no match for the 24 degree weather.
At least it kept me upbeat while I was freezing my entire body off.

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