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Friday, October 28, 2011

Umbrellas & Errands

{v neck tee & cowboy booties: old navy  //  cardi: joyce leslie  //  jeans: gap  //  earrings: claire's  //  vintage kerchief:  gramma's}

I didn't actually wear this outfit yesterday.  These pictures were from a couple weeks ago and I didn't get around to posting them the day of, so I decided to literally save them for a rainy day.  And that rainy day was yesterday.  It was cold and damp and icky outside, so naturally I decided it would be the perfect day to run around and do all my errands.  Who doesn't love driving in complete darkness at 3 o'clock in the afternoon with every car's headlight bouncing off the slick, wet roads and creating glare through your driving glasses (yes I wear driving glasses), then struggling with a soaking wet umbrella while simultaneously trying to take off your mittens and stick your car keys back in your purse once you get in the store?
What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Sadly I didn't get an opportunity to snap any photos of yesterday's outfit, but trust me - no big loss there.  Just picture jeggings & rain boots with a short-sleeve scoop neck tunic that I wound up being too cold in, so I had to add a floral long-sleeve thermal shirt underneath that peeked out from above the tunic's scoop neck.  I'm sure I looked like a 5 year old wearing her smock for craft time.
So genius.

PS - sorry for the poor quality of the photos; it's just not possible to get proper lighting inside my tiny apartment once it's already dark outside.  Even if I do have all 3 lamps in the room turned on and am standing in front of a white background for the light to bounce of off.


  1. Don't worry about the photos, I think they look nice, in fact they give off a vintage-y & warm feel to it :)

    Love your outfit & your cute bun ~ I can never pull off those flare jeans like you do D: !

  2. Your pictures look fine :) I love your kerchief! And your cardigan. (yay your cardigan has the same name as me)

  3. thanks guys :) you're awesome.

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. This outfit looks so cozy. Cardi is perfect, and these jeans - ahhh


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