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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


{dress, blazer, & leggings: target  //  scarf: mandee  //  boots: steve madden intyce  //  belt: payless  //  sunnies: express  //  bracelet: forever21}

I love this outfit.  It's comfy and pretty and warm.  It says "I tried" without saying "I tried too hard."  This is the outfit I should have planned on wearing for my date tonight with hunny bunny.  But we're going to the movies (yeah I'm rocking my optimum rewards free movie Tuesdays, what!) so I'll probably wear something really sexy like sweats and a scrunchie.
Instead, I opted to wear this outfit to my laser hair removal appointment, no joke.
Yup, dress up for the aesthetician, dress down for my boyfriend.
I've got my priorities straight.


  1. Hahahaha. Love that last comment. I'd do the same, dress up for a dr's app or pedi, and boyfriend gets me stealing his shirts and wearing pjs. It's about being comfortable enough around someone to look like a slob, right?

    Love the dress, it's such a pretty print. Bright but understated. I so wish there was a Target nearby!

  2. Fantastic dress, color is beautiful

  3. Your dress is so pretty! And I am loving your leopard print belt :)


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