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Thursday, October 6, 2011

i heart the 80's

{cardi: jc penny  //  top: target  //  jeans: old navy  //  corduroy boots: delias  //  earrings: handmade}

I do heart the 80's.  I really do.  They bring back wonderful childhood memories, like watching Punky Brewster, fighting with my sister, wearing jellies, {listening to, fantasizing about, and generally wanting to be Cyndi Lauper}, fighting with my sister, listening to pocket rockers, and styling my hair in a side ponytail (while fighting with my sister).  And while there are probably too many photos of me wearing my hair in the so very fashionable "high" side ponytail gracing my families' photo albums, I assure you I am not sporting the side pony in today's photos.  But those unfortunately shaped shadows near my head sure do make me nostalgic for the 80's.  Time to bust out the hair scrunchies and neon bicycle shorts*.  I knew I was saving them all these years for something....

*While I will readily admit that I owned many pairs of bike shorts in the 80's (not used for biking), I am not even going to pretend that any article of clothing I owned as a child has even the glimmer of a hope of fitting me today.

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