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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing Dress Up

{striped tee: target  //  jacket: borrowed  //  jeans: gap  //  shoes: borrowed  //  bag: BCBG, borrowed  //  bracelets: forever21 & handmade  // ring, necklace: borrowed  //  earrings: handmade}

I was at a friend's house and finally "came out" to her.  About my blog, that is.  I hadn't really told anyone about it since I'm still new to it all.  Only my boyfriend and one other friend knew (well, and all you of course).  Hunny bunny and I were at her apartment when I needed to take my outfit photos, and darn it all I just couldn't think of any plausible explanation of why we'd have to go up to the roof.  With a camera.  All alone.
To my surprise and delight, she was really excited and extremely supportive.  So much so, in fact, that she styled me in her clothing and jewelry, and shot the photographs*.  
My only regret is that I forgot to ask where she bought this jacket.  I want one so badly that I seriously contemplated running down six flights of stairs to throw it in my car, then a quick sprint back up again when she had her back turned.

How about you all?  Do you live a secret life of blogging or do you share it with everyone you  know?

*You can find more of Fatiha's fabulous photography on her website


  1. I like your outfit, the jacket looks super nice :) Hmmm nobody at school knows about my blog, so I haven't "come out" yet.

  2. Beautiful pictures, sky looks amazing. And these jeans are perfect, I love flares!

    I'm glad that you like the song on my blog, it's from my childhood ;)

  3. Cute outfit. Love your hair!


  4. Love these set of photos! You look so happy here too! I really love your hair bun ~ mine looks like a big mess after awhile!!


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