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Friday, October 14, 2011


{turtleneck & tank: target //  jeans: limited  //  boots: steve madden  //  earrings: claire's}

Sometimes you're just having one of those days.  You know, it's rainy and gloomy outside and you hurry to make it on time to your friends' house only to find it empty because they all (including your boyfriend) forgot to call to tell you they're going to be late.  And then you park your car and look over to see a strange man sitting in his parked car just unabashedly staring at you while you make every effort to politely ignore him.  But it's still raining so you have no choice but to sit in your car and wait for your friends while the strange man continues to stare in a very disconcerting way.  And then you start thinking about all of this and throw a mini temper tantrum when your friends call you to say they'll be there soon, and actually consider going back home because you're in a rotten mood that's as grey as the weather that's been surrounding you nonstop for the last 3 days.  But you realize it's probably because you forgot to eat lunch and you're feeling cranky.  So when your friends arrive you go and apologize for yelling.  But you're still feeling terrible because one of your best friends is moving to Switzerland the next day.
That was my day yesterday.
But then my boyfriend handed me a delicious, cold wheat beer.  
And I got over everything.  Except for my friend moving away.
I will never get over that.

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  1. This outfit is simple, but it's so cozy and makes me excited for colder weather!

    Thanks for your comment...that was really sweet! I'm hoping taking pictures will get easier, ha! ;)


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