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Friday, August 10, 2012

Highlights & Lowlights #10

It's been a while since I did a highlight/lowlight post, but I just had so many highlights this week that I feel compelled to brag.  (This post makes my gloating seem a little more appropriate.)

  • The temperature has finally dipped below obscenely, unbearably hot to just super humid, moist, and uncomfortably hot.  I can kind of run again in this weather. (see above)  I'll take it.
  • I should preface this one by saying that I LOVE animals.   I was lying in the hammock with hunny bunny at dusk when two of the skunks that frequent our backyard came running straight at us!  When we made noise to let them know we were there, they merely glanced in our direction, then went about their business of scrounging for food.  This bodes very well for my plan of eventually petting one of them.  I've already got the recipe for skunk stink remover memorized for when the inevitable happens.
  • I spent an afternoon at the beach with some friends in 95 degree weather and actually. didn't. burn.  So what if I got bitch-slapped a time or two by the obnoxiously rough waves - it's a fair trade off if you ask me.
  • Rafting down the Delaware River with friends.  It rained on us twice, we got stuck on rocks repeatedly, and I paddled so much I thought my shoulder was going to fall off.  We're already planning our next trip.  We had such a blast.

  • Having the very bright idea to bring our towels in the raft with us....uh...they got soaked.  So rapids, rain storms, and wiggling & flopping back into the raft after going for a swim brings water into the raft.  Who knew?
  • Trying to remove my black nail polish.  The good news is that it came off my nails (mostly). The bad news is that it's now semi-permanently stuck to the skin surrounding my nails.
  • My end-of-summer allergies seem to be returning.  I will soon be reunited with my nemesis, the neti pot.
  • Having such a fantastic week that I can't think of any lowlights, and must to resort to using lame ones about wet towels, allergies, and nail polish to fill the space. 

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