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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh. Em. Gee.

{f21 top  |  limited shorts  belt  |  old navy sandals (similar)  |  gifted bracelet (from Rachel) |  watch}

I'm beginning to wonder if there's something about the way I dress that attracts the wrong kind of people to me.
For example, I got to the movies to see The Campaign early last night, and sat at the end of an empty row.  Even though there were lots of other seats around, surrounded by no one at all, two very chatty girls decided to sit right next to me, forgoing the customary one-empty-seat-of-personal-space-between-strangers rule.  Normally I wouldn't mind because often times the shows are sold out anyway, but the girl who sat directly next to me had the strangest quirk about her.  You see, instead of just laughing when something amused her, this girl would cycle through four repetitive phrases consisting of "Oh my god!" "That's hilarious!" "That's so funny!", and my favorite, "OMG!!"  All.  Movie.  Long.  And at full "I'm watching a movie in my living room" volume.
In case you're having trouble imagining what I'm describing, here's a perfect reenactment of last night.  Pretty much to the tee.  JD's saying what I was thinking.
That's so funny.

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