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Monday, August 27, 2012

Jersey Girls

{target top (cute option) & shoes (similar)  |  f21 shorts  |  ON scarf  |  watch  |  inpink bracelet (similar) & ring}

Over the weekend I got to meet up with some great NJ bloggers.  Sharon from The Tiny Heart set up a fun brunch date in NYC with Diana & Catalina of city and burbs, Tara from Penniless Socialite, and me.  These girls were intelligent, funny, stylish, and despite my ridiculously shameful and decidedly un-fashionable tardiness, really friendly and sweet as well.  It was great getting to meet them and I truly hope we can do it again sometime!  Oh, and nevermind* that naked and very awkwardly placed baby floating in the background.

{left to right: Catalina & Diana, Sharon, Tara, & me}

*Did you get that oh so clever pun?  If not then you were clearly never a Nirvana fan and I'm not so sure we can be friends anymore.  But if you love Vanilla Ice, I'll reconsider.

In other news, I'm linking up here today.


  1. Everything is fabulous, from your bun to your nails!!! I still have my Vanilla Ice tape...can we be friends?!!!

    1. too. So, hell yes we can! Thanks for the sweet comment :)


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