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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

V is for Victory

{target dress (similar)  |  hand me down vest  |  watch  |  payless heels (crazy similar)  |  inpink necklace (similar)}

Last night was date night, so my boyfriend and I cooked a really tasty meal together ("Swiss Alplermagrone" made with pasta, potatoes, caramelized onions, gruyere, and baked apple - recipe coming soon because you need to try this), then dined by candlelight in our yard.  After, we came inside and watched the Wizard of Oz (because, really, is there such a thing as watching that movie too many times?).  The dinner & the movie were pretty great, but the most remarkable part of the night was the fact that I did not get one mosquito bite.  Considering that around here those little jerks are already in aggressive attack mode at least week before spring even starts makes hanging out with them for an hour at dusk and not getting bitten a big victory for me...and for the deet I doused my entire body in.  Well, I guess it's mostly a victory for deet.  (But I'll take credit; deet would be cool with it).

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