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Monday, August 13, 2012

Something Old

{tank: old navy  |  skirt: wet seal (old)  |  jacket: h&m (similar)  |  shoes: payless (crazy similar)  |  necklace: etsy}

Shopping in your closet is like going through a fabric-filled time capsule.  This skirt is so old, I barely remember buying it.  All I know is that I got it at Wet Seal, back when I was still young enough to shop at Wet Seal; ie. about 12 years ago (granted, I'm currently much too old to still be shopping at Forever21, but that's beside the point).  More confounding than the fact that it still fits (thank you, elasticized waist!), is that I've managed to drag it around with me from dorm room to summers spent living at home to off-campus housing to a smattering of different apartments.  This skirt's probably been with me through a total of 10 moves.  And I haven't worn it in over 7 years.  All for the big payoff - wearing it to go out for one night.  If that's not commitment to a $15 article of clothing, I don't know what is.

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