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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleaning House

{top: joyce leslie  |  jeans: old navy  |  jacket: target  |  boots: payless (similar)  |  scarf: vintage}

After another day spent cleaning up after someone else's mess (third time this week, folks, which might account for that blank/exhausted look on my face), it was good to look forward to my dinner & movie date night with hunny bunny.

And after wearing a grungy tee shirt, over sized Bermuda shorts (were those ever flattering?), and a bandana over my face (there is a ton of dust, I'm telling you) for the entire afternoon, I also wanted to make sure that I looked nice, since I spent the first half of the day feeling decidedly icky and gross.

Whenever I think easy comfort, I turn to my soft & stretchy jeggings.  Paired with an over sized, cozy top and nice comfy boots, it's the perfect outfit for stuffing my face, dashing from the parking lot to the theater in a (failed) attempt to not get rained on, and sitting in a dark room surrounded by strangers for 2 hours.
Good times.

Find me hanging out here today.

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