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Monday, June 4, 2012

In Search of Sunshine

{dress: pacsun (similar)  |  cardi: joyce leslie  |  scarf: gift  |  socks, boots: target  |  earrings: c/o sahara jewelry}

Yesterday and this morning have been pretty drab and rainy.  In fact, we even braved a mini rain storm for this photo shoot.  Well, at least I did.  Hunny bunny stood under the safety of a picnic shelter with the pretense of keeping the camera dry.  A likely story.

And what dreary day couldn't use a little extra sunshine?
The sweet & stylish Rachel, who blogs over at Rachel the Hat presented me with the Sunshine Award.  Ok, so maybe she gave it to me a week (or two) ago, but isn't this just the perfect time for it?  I thought so.... 

answer 10 questions below
pass on to 5 bloggers who brighten my day

favorite color:  Pretty much all shades of blue.  But I have soft spots for grey, cream, taupe, and coral - especially in clothing.

favorite number:  16.  That one's my favorite, but all even numbers just feel cozy to me.  That's not strange.

favorite animal:  Dogs.  They're just so much fun.  I could hang out with a dog all day.

favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Well, I normally am boring and just drink water, but if I'm feeling really indulgent (and it's around Christmastime) I love hot almond.  It involves melted white chocolate, almond milk, and is really creamy and delicious.  Recipe coming soon....        

twitter or facebook:  Oh, don't make me choose.

what is your passion:  Animal rights.  It's crazy how many terrible atrocities happen right here in the US, yet most people are unaware (factory farming, animal testing, circuses, fur, etc.)  For more info, click here.  On a lighter note, I also really love clothing and blogging!

receiving or giving:  The very diplomatic answer here is both.  But the truth really is that I enjoy giving gifts just as much as I love receiving them. 

favorite pattern:  There are lots to choose from, but lately I've had a major thing for ikat, stripes, and anything aztec/tribal/navajo.      

favorite day of the week: Probably Saturday.  It just feels the best - can sleep in late, can stay up late.  Some of the best days of my life have taken place on Saturdays (or on vacation, where every day feels like a Saturday!)     

favorite flower: Hands down, cherry blossoms.  And dandelions when they're all fluffy and white.  Technically weeds, they are just about the prettiest.  Next to cherry blossoms, that is.      

And now I pass the award on to these lovely ladies, who always know how to brighten my day.

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  2. Joyce @ Joyful Outfits
  3. Megan @ The Frugalista Diaries
  4. Jac & Jenny @ The Sunshine District
  5. Sharon @ The Tiny Heart

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