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Monday, June 25, 2012

I Like Big Buns and I Cannot Lie

{top: gap  |  skirt, rings: c/o oasap  |  wedges: payless (similar)  |  belt: target}

It's true.  I love to put my hair in a big ol' bun.  In fact, the bigger the better.   Forget the sock bun (which I've accepted is pretty much beyond both my mental and physical capacity to achieve, anyway).  Give me lots of hair, teased into a huge, swirly, cotton candy confection to sit atop my head, reaching the kinds of heights sock buns can only dream about.

Admittedly, when I take it down I bear a mild resemblance to a crazy cat lady, but only hunny bunny gets to revel in that lovely look.  And luckily enough for me, he's a Simpsons fan.  I haven't asked, but the way he smiles at my rat's nest of hair makes me confident that there's a soft spot in his heart for an Eleanor Abernathy lookalike.

I'm linking up over here today.

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